FictionFriday #1

I thought we would change things up for this Friday as well. Instead of Face-off-Fridays I thought we could go with FashionFridays. Everyone is into fashion and people love to talk about it. I’m just kidding. I really don’t care about fashion.
We are changing things up, though. I came up with this fun idea. It could turn out to be a total disaster, but it will be a fun disaster. The idea is simple: Write a short story using one random chosen sentence from four different books. The four sentences will be the guideline for this short story, I will fill in the rest. So here we go, FictionFriday.

Sentence one from A Game of Thrones: He knew where they were bound.
Sentence two from The Fault in our Stars: You’ve never been on a plane before?
I’m already seeing a storyline here.
Sentence three from Wuthering Heights: The chairs were also damaged, many of them severely; and deep indentations deformed panels of the walls.
Sentence four from Alice in Wonderland: No, there were no tears.

Do I have a story for you!
He knew where they were bound. He had made the journey once before. He had left his hometown the moment he had saved up enough money to get out. It would take the plane exactly four hours to get from New York to his hometown. He had dreaded the journey for so long. He had promised his mother that he would be home this Christmas. She just knew it would be their last chance to celebrate Christmas together. She wouldn’t shut up about it, so he had decided to go. Never would he have guessed that, in the end, his mother would be right.
“You’ve never been on a plane before?” the woman next to him asks.
He looks at her and smiles. He isn’t in the mood for chit chat. “Actually, I have,” he answers curtly.
“It’s just, you look worried.”
“I’m not.”
“You should know that plane crashes rarely happen,” the woman says with compassion.
He wants to react, but the moment he wants to open his mouth, they’re falling. He feels a strange sensation. It feels like he’s flying. Now people are screaming. The plane is really going down.
Time seems to slow down. He can see everything clearly. His father and mother, the fight they had before he left for New York. It all seems so pointless right now. He wanted to hate his parents so badly.
The moment they hit the ground, he knows his mother was right. This was their last chance to spend Christmas together. There is a loud explosion, but the only person he can think about is his mother. More people are screaming. There is a fire that is heating his face. He can’t breathe. The plane has no more wings. The chairs were also damaged, many of them severely; and deep indentations deformed panels of the walls.
He is dying. No, there were no tears. It was too late for tears. 

My God, this was a serious story. I had no idea this would be the result, but just go with it.

Have a nice Friday.


One thought on “FictionFriday #1

  1. […] Oh yes! We’re trying again. I did two other FictionFridays and the stories were pretty crazy, but still really interesting, so let’s do it again. For the people that don’t know how FictionFriday works let me explain. I choose four books from my own book collection. From those four books I randomly choose one quote (so I end up with four quotes). These four quotes will be the guideline for a short story. The first story was about a plane crash the second story was about some kids smoking pot. If you haven’t read them yet just click here and here. […]


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