FictionFriday #19

I’m falling, yet I never hit the ground
No one there to catch me
Let me crash, let me burn
Just end this nightmare

I’m falling
Gravity pulls me down
Forever seems like an eternity
Time stops

I’m still falling

Have a nice Friday.


SassySaturday #1

I’m writing this gigantic essay right now and I just needed a break. The post probably doesn’t make any sense, but it made me laugh.

No, Facebook, I don’t want to share that memory from two years ago. I spend more than enough  time remembering awkward moments without your stupid reminders.

Yes, mom, I do know how to load the dishwasher. You just do it so much better.

No, Donald Trump, you are an idiot!

No, terms and conditions, I haven’t read the whole thing. Yes, I do agree, though!

Yes, Netflix, I do want to keep watching. Stop judging me. I know I make poor life-choices!

No, Freud, I don’t kiss my mother with that mouth.

Yes, McDonald’s, I would like fries with that! Are there really people who say no to fries?

Have a nice Saturday.

FictionFriday #18

Do you ever wake up, realise it’s 2016 and feel like you’ve just skipped a whole year? I know they say time flies, but this is just crazy. Never the less, I want to wish everyone a happy New Year.

For you

I hope it’ll be a year of laughter, love and happiness.

I hope it’ll be a year of ups and downs, but mostly ups of course.

I hope that you’ll be able to make your dreams come true.

I hope you’ll be surrounded by the people that you love.

I hope you’ll be inspired.   

I hope you’ll feel special.

 Life can be tough sometimes, but don’t give up the fight.

Have a nice Friday.