A Message from the Universe

WordWednesday #17

Are you ready? Let’s do this. Here’s how it works: No plan. No ideas. Just words!


Do you believe in fate
A single instance in time
That was made
Just for you

A manufactured moment
Too perfect to be left to chance
Carefully put together
To comfort you

For this fleeting second
The universe is telling you
Don’t worry about your troubles
I’ll protect you

Have a nice Wednesday!


Don’t Forget to Smile Today!

Thinking-Out-Loud-Tuesday #3


I don’t really do these stream of consciousness posts often. Maybe it’s because consciousness is so difficult to spell. But, today I felt inspired. So, here goes nothing!

I had this appointment at the dentist yesterday and I don’t know if it’s just me, but a week before the appointment I start brushing my teeth like crazy person. I make sure I get every nook and cranny. No surface will remain untouched. I think my brain actually believes it will make a difference. Cavities will magically disappear and my teeth will become white again. No such luck, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. Then, after I had the appointment I barely touch me teeth at all. I do brush my teeth twice a day but I feel like a have the right to slack off for a bit. I’m not really brushing my teeth. It’s like I’m gently stroking them. Is it just me, or do you guys do this too?

The appointment was fine by the way. My wisdom teeth have decided to grace me with their presence, but it should all be fine. Isn’t it funny that my wisdom teeth are coming in after I graduated! I got my Master’s degree in Book and Digital Media studies. Which is kind of insane, but also really exiting. I also started this new internship a few weeks ago. I work as a copywriter, which is probably why I haven’t been writing as much lately. I will try to get back into it, I promise!

So… What else?

Well, wisdom teeth don’t actually have anything to do with wisdom at all. I just thought I should mention that. In Dutch they actually have a double meaning. The word is verstandskiezen which you could pronounce as verstands-kiezen which would translate to wisdom or intelligence teeth, but it can also be pronounced as ver-stands-kiezen, which would translate to distant position (far stance) teeth. Because they’re in the back of your mouth… Does that make sense? In Dutch it does make sense. I promise.

I feel like this entire post is just me talking about teeth. Well, I hope it made you smile. Not a just barely lifting my lips smile, but a showing all my teeth because they look amazing smile! But, you know, whatever smile works for you is fine with me!

Have a nice Tuesday!

PS. Don’t forget to brush your teeth. You’ll need them for the rest of your life.