FailingFridays #2

It’s April Fool’s Day. I hate April Fool’s Day. Every year my mom pulls this prank and every year I fall for it. It’s never this elaborate prank, just this simple stupid thing.

‘Is that a hole in your shirt?’
‘Your fly is down.’
‘Your shoelaces aren’t tied.’
‘There’s something on your shirt.’
‘What’s that crawling on the wall?’

And this year I was sure she wasn’t going to get me, but… She totally did!

Mom, I love you, but I really hate your April Fool’s Day pranks. Next year I’m getting you back.

Have a nice Friday.

PS. I really hope you guys didn’t get pranked today!


FailingFriday #1

I almost forgot to write a post today! (That was my first fail of the day.) I’m such an idiot. It’s crazy hot weather here and to keep my mind occupied (or distracted is probably the better word) I’ve been reading Alice in Wonderland. I’ve always wanted to read it, and what better time than a crazy hot summer’s day? But as I started reading, I got a bit carried away. Truth be told, it is an amazing book, but it’s not what I expected. But then again, I thought Alice in Wonderland was written by a couple of students that were on LSD. (Which is my second fail of the day.)
So, right now I’m trying to write a quick post so you don’t think I abandoned you. (My third fail of the day!) You deserve better! So I made a fun little poem, just to make you feel better.

What the ducks
This poem sucks
I’m sorry for what I’m about to say
It’s time to fly away.

(This poem is definitely my fourth fail of the day.)

Have a nice Friday.