Welcome to the Halfling world!

FictionFriday #25

First I told you about how I wrote my first book, then I promised I would write another post with the synopsis and gave you the prologue instead. I promised you once again that I would write the synopsis, but didn’t have time and told you I would write it today.

It took some time to get here, but better late than never! Here is the synopsis for the story I created!


My sixteen-year-old self even made a cover in Photoshop… (Even if you don’t speak Dutch you should be able to understand, right?)

Welcome to the Halfling world!

Zoë is awoken from an awful nightmare (which you can read in Wednesday’s post). It’s the day of her sixteenth birthday and from this moment on, her life will never be the same. She decides to visit her father’s grave to clear her head, but the unnerving feeling that something is about to happen just gets stronger. The next 24 hours will determine Zoë’s future and will turn her world upside down.

She decides to visit the forest from her nightmare and discovers that her mother has kept a secret about Zoë’s past that will change everything. Zoë gets sucked into the Halfling world where a tyrant king rules the land and where brave rebels await the arrival of the chosen one. Zoë discovers she is a Halfling, half man, half animal, and is destined to save the world from king Victorie.

She arrives in the rebel camp. The rebels were able to flee the city during a horrific battle where many lives were lost. It’s their life’s purpose to defeat the evil king. Zoë wants nothing more than to return to her old life, but after everything she’s learned about her past she knows she can never go back. The rebels train her for the battles to come, but can she trust them? A second dream leads Zoë to the castle where more secrets get revealed. Is king Victorie truly a tyrant, or are the rebels the true enemy? Zoë will soon find out.

That’s it! What do you think? Would that be a story you would want to read?

Sorry that it took my so long to write this synopsis.

Have a nice Friday!


Be Happy For No Reason

FictionFriday #24


Kids play, kids laugh, and never worry
They run, they smile, are never sorry
About things they know won’t last
About things that happened in the past

Adults think, adults cry, and always worry
They hide, they frown, are always sorry
About things they think will last
About things that happened in the past

Kids are happy for no reason
Enjoy life and every season
Adults are afraid of giving in
To happiness and let sadness win

Happiness can not be found
It’s always there, it’s all around

Have a nice Friday!


FictionFriday #22

I once dreamed of flying
Up in the sky
The wind beneath my wings
Seeing the world from above
Like a bird
Without care or worry

I once dreamed of diving
Down in the sea
Water floating all around me
Seeing the world through waves
Like a fish
Without care or worry

I once dreamed of crawling
Inside the earth
Dirt surrounding me
Seeing the world from its depths
Like a worm
Without care or worry

When I awake from my dreams
I feel the wind
I drink the sea
and I walk the earth
Like a man
Worrying about what the meaning of life is

I hope you liked this poem.

Have a nice Friday!

FictionFriday #21

FictionFridays are all about finding inspiration in the craziest of places. This Friday I was inspired by reading.

When I Read
A word,
nothing more than a combination of letters,
a combination of signs,
put together,
turns into sound
once read.

In our head we can hear it,
it comes alive.

The voice of an old man
talking about a memory long lost.

The whisper of a woman
afraid to speak out loud.

The laugh of a queen
after a war won.

The cry of a father
who lost a son.

The shout of a soldier
trying to protect a friend.

They come alive.

The echo lingers in our head
hits the walls of your skull.

And remains

Have a nice Friday.

FictionFriday #20

FictionFridays are all about finding inspiration in the craziest of places. This Friday I was inspired by just breathing.

Breathe the Worldblog-breath

Just breathe.


Keep going.


Don’t stop.


Just one more.


In just a breath your world could change.

So, don’t give up.


Have a nice Friday.

Ps. I recently joined Twitter!

FictionFriday #19

I’m falling, yet I never hit the ground
No one there to catch me
Let me crash, let me burn
Just end this nightmare

I’m falling
Gravity pulls me down
Forever seems like an eternity
Time stops

I’m still falling

Have a nice Friday.