We promised him

ShortSunday #12


‘I wish we could go back,’ her sister said while wiping the tears of her face. ‘Maybe we could’ve saved him.’

She couldn’t see her sister who was sitting in the tree next to hers, but she knew she was crying. Their father had never stood a chance against the soldiers, but nevertheless he had not given up. He fought valiantly as was his nature. She wished she could’ve helped him too, but his instructions were clear. They were to run as fast as they could, while he tried to buy them some more time. He was supposed to meet them here. But that was two days ago. Her younger sister had refused to leave. She still had hope.

‘Wishing for the past to change is futile,’ she finally said. ‘The past is stubborn and unmoving. Wishes for a better future, however, may yet come true.’

‘We should have stayed and fought,’ her sister said. ‘We left him to die!’

‘It’s time to go, Jane,’ she said firmly.

‘Just a little longer,’ Jane begged.

‘There’s no time,’ she said. ‘The soldiers are searching the woods. And we promised him.’

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Photo credit: Chris Wenger


If only they knew…

ShortSunday #11


‘Freedom is such a curious concept.’

The girl looked through the prison bars to see who had spoken the words. Outside stood one of the prison guards. He had a truly vile look on his face.

‘You believed yourself to be a free woman and used that freedom to break the law,’ he continued. ‘Now you are locked in here as my prisoner.’

He seemed to enjoy his power. If only he knew what was to come. If only he knew that by the end of the day, he would be the one sitting in this cell.

‘My freedom cannot be taken from me,’ she replied. ‘It is mine to give and I’m not a generous person. You will soon understand this lesson.’

The guard started laughing. It echoed through the walls of the dungeon. The other prisoners, who had long ago lost their minds, joined in.

If only they knew.

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I Almost Forgot

ShortSunday #10


I almost forgot
To write my post for today
But it’s not too late

I hope this haiku
Will make up for my mistake
Have a nice Sunday!

You see what I did there? I promise tomorrow’s post will be better!

Have a nice Sunday!

ShortSunday #7

Sometimes fear can be crippling
That voice in your head preparing for the worst
Telling you to stop
It’s like Murphy said:
Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong
Sometimes it feels impossible to stay in the moment
When my head is already five steps ahead
I decided to do more things that scare me
To take more risks
The voice is just really making it difficult
To move forward
I just keep telling myself:
Even if everything goes wrong, I will survive
I will still be here
In the moment
I will be able to say:
I did it
I faced my fear
I’m still here
I survived