The Colours of Winter

SpecialSaturday #8


A white dust covers the earth
While the green grass slowly disappears

A grey cold has taken over
While red warmth hides inside

The yellow sun shines bright
While the blue sky mirrors the sea

Some fear this winter landscape
While I look forward to it, every year

Have a nice Saturday!


What is it you truly want?

SpecialSaturday #7


Do you ever stop to listen
For the silence that is all around
Do you ever take a moment
Just to close your eyes

Within the silence
You will find peace
And within the darkness
You will find your dreams

What is it you truly desire
What is it you truly want
Ask yourself these questions
And success will follow

Have a nice Saturday!

Set Your Goals for 2018!

SpecialSaturday #6


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make a list of all my goals for 2018. I truly believe that the best way to accomplish something is by turning it into a specific goal. Writing it down is even better. The list is a good reminder of what you want to accomplish and checking things of the list will keep you motivated. This is my list of goals for this year. Some of them are short term goals, while others will take longer to accomplish. Here we go!

  1. Finish Bloguary – I decided to write a post a day for the month of January. I still have a long way to go, but feel determined to finish. The past year, I was desperately looking for inspiration and never really found it. This resulted in me barely writing anything at all. However, during my internship I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to sit down with a blank piece of paper and start writing. This is why this goal is so important to me. I want to start enjoying my writing again!
  2. Get 500 followers by the end of 2018 – I want this blog to grow. I want to share my writing with others and meet more people who love writing as much as I do. I don’t know if 500 is maybe too much, but I want to really force myself to invest more time and energy in my blog!
  3. Get my driver’s license – Each country has their own rules when it comes to passing your driver’s test and getting your license. In the Netherlands there is a theory and practical exam you need to pass, but you need to take driving lessons before you can take the exams. Yesterday, I passed my theory exam, but I still have 20 or so lessons to go before I can do my practical exam. I hope to have my license by the end of May.
  4. Rewrite my novelRuairiRogue commented on one of my posts and he asked me if I wanted to eventually write a book or novel. I told him that I’ve always wanted to publish a Young Adult novel. However, I didn’t tell him that I already developed this story when I was a teenager and actually have a finished manuscript on my computer that has been sitting there for years. I had almost forgotten about it. Thank you, RuairiRogue, for reminding me! (I am working on that post about my writing process, BTW! I didn’t forget! If you want to know what I’m talking about read the comments on my SurpriseSaturday post!)
  5. Read at least 50 books – Another one of my resolutions was to read more. I want to create a list of all the books I want to read this year. I know that’s another list, but I love lists. So don’t judge me! I will probably share my list with you as well. I’m not sure whether that would be something you would be interested in, but I will be making it nonetheless.
  6. Learn to design websites – I want to learn more about the different programming languages that are used for website design. I still have to ask my brother about this goal, though. He knows all about that stuff and will be able to tell me which programming languages I should focus on.
  7. Do a collaborative project with you! – This is a project I’ve had in mind for a while now. I really want to try to make it happen this year, but I don’t know how to go about it just yet. Once I know more I will let you know. Follow me if you don’t want to miss any announcements! 😉

I really hope you will create a list with goals as well. Post it on your blog, write it on your wall or have it printed and put it in a frame! Just make sure it’s somewhere you will actually see it!

Have a nice Saturday!

One thing led to another…

SpecialSaturday #5

At dinner, I was telling my brother about this bit in a stand-up show by Brian Regan that is one of my favourites. It’s this bit about writers using the phrase ‘and one thing led to another’. Brian is saying how that phrase is just lazy writing. It is the writer’s job to tell the reader how this led to that.
He gives a genius example:
Adolf Hitler was rejected as a young man in his application to art school
one thing led to another…
and the United states dropped two atomic bombs on the sovereign nation of Japan.

You can see the clip here:

My brother being the genius that he is came up with his own example:
Harry woke up in the closet under the stairs
one thing led to another…
and Harry killed Voldemort.

So I decided to come up with some examples myself.

God created the heaven and the earth
one thing led to another…
and Jesus died.

Bill Clinton did have sexual relations with that woman
one thing led to another…
and Trump became president.

Bilbo went on an adventure
one thing led to another…
and Frodo destroyed the ring.

Once upon a time there was a princess
one thing led to another…
and they lived happily ever after.

Gutenberg discovered the printing press
one thing led to another…
and fifty shades of grey was published.

A monkey walked on two legs
one thing led to another…
and I am writing this post on my computer.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you come up with some ‘one thing led to another’ examples write them in the comments.

Have a nice Saturday.

Sweet Revenge

SpecialSaturday #4

1 Week of preparation, 800 post it notes, 4 hours of sleep and unwavering determination. This is all you need to pull an April Fool’s Day prank.

Target: my mom
Alarm: 3:00 AM
Goal: Sweet Revenge

After waking up at 3:00 AM and silently going downstairs in Ninja-mode it was time to get started. 4 Hours and 48 minutes later this was the result:


You might be wondering why? Well, you can read all about it here:
Why I decided to prank my mom for April Fool’s Day

I planned out everything beforehand. I even created an Excel-sheet for the colour combinations.


Naamloos (2)

Let this be a warning! Do not mess with me. 😀

I hope you all have an amazing Saturday!

SpecialSaturday #3

A world beyond ignorance

Ignorance: a lack of knowledge, understanding, or information about something

It somehow sounds like ignorance is a condition that we are unaware of. It’s accidental. Being ignorant is no one’s fault.

I say bullshit.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it is dangerous. You see, ignorance isn’t passive, it isn’t something that just happens to you. Ignorance comes from the verb to ignore: to intentionally not listen or give attention.


Ignorance is intentionally choosing not to want knowledge, understanding, or information about something. Ignorance is looking the other way because something doesn’t fit into your worldview. Ignorance is dangerous because it turns people into liars. Ignorance breeds people that believe in alternative facts. Ignorance makes it okay to build a wall to keep others out. Ignorance supports the Muslim ban.

I’m just so tired of people defending ignorance.

Ignorance should no longer be ignored.

SpecialSaturday #2

A Last Goodbye 

We say the word without thinking
Without meaning
The word still lingers in the air
It still flutters for a listening ear
Without hope
It is stuck
If only I had stopped to listen
To fully experience the feeling
Of this fleeting word
Maybe then I would have known
This would be the last time
This word would never be spoken
Never more
We never expect goodbye to last forever
It somehow always finds its way home
But one day
When we least expect it
The word gets lost

Have a nice Saturday.