Dear USA,

ThoughtfulThursday #3

Dear USA,

The world is watching
The same news story
Of another school shooting
In the United States

We’ve seen the story
So many times before
And wonder
When will you change

Your children are dying
And still you do nothing
We cannot understand
How you keep making the same mistake

How many more have to die
For you to realise
That weapons are not equal
To the life of a child

Fighting violence with violence
And hate with hate
Is not the solution
But the problem

Please listen to your children
Who live in fear
Every time
They go to school

I’m watching
Yet again, the same news story
Of another school shooting
In the United States

I’ve seen the story
So many times before
And wonder
When will it end?

The Netherlands

Have a nice Thursday!



A Call for Help

ThoughtfulThursday #2

Freezing in the cold
No house to call your home
A cup in hand
Begging for a single penny
Just so you can eat
But hate is all you receive

Despair on your face
Hopelessness your only friend
I too looked with disgust
Just get yourself a job
But I don’t know your story
I don’t know your pain

I’m sorry for ignoring
Your call for help

There are so many people begging in the streets of Edinburgh. They sit with a cup in their hand waiting for a kind soul to give them some money. I felt no sympathy for them. I didn’t feel the need to give them anything. I was even annoyed by their presence. Maybe writing this poem is hypocritical, but I realised how selfish I was in that moment. Joking how they should just get a job. I truly believe that kindness is our most powerful superpower, but I failed. I failed to be kind and I failed to feel empathy. I will try to do better!

Have a nice Thursday.


ThoughtfulThursday #1

Last week I told you about my moody inner garden gnome. This week he actually got a name. It’s Sunshine. (That’s just pure irony.) Okay, back to what I want to talk about this Thursday. Last week I showed you some inspirational quotes that make me feel better, but this week we’re doing something different. This ThoughtfulThursday I have this fun thing you can do when you’re feeling down. Everyone has these days that you just feel like sh*t, and that’s okay! Nobody is happy all the time. And I’m here to help.
I have a pretty relaxed life, but when I do feel Sunshine is taking over (which happens once in a while) I have this simple solution. An all by myself Dance Party!
Gnome Dance
The people that know me, know that I’m not the dancing type. My tall body looks like a tree in a hurricane. It’s just awkward, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to just go crazy. When you’re feeling sad or down or just lonely you should do the things that YOU love. Go crazy! Don’t worry about what others might think. Put on some music, let down your hair and just dance around your room. For just a moment you can forget about all the bad things that are happening in your life and all you need to focus on is not falling down.
Dancing 2
Jump up and down (watch out for the ceiling). Shake your head like a Headbanger. Put your hands up in the air like you just don’t care. Shake that butt. Maybe sing-a-long with the music. For just a moment try to let go and maybe you’ll realize that the thing that is worrying you so much, isn’t that important. In the end we’re all a little crazy!
Dancing 3dancing 4
The reason why it’s called ThoughtfulThursday is because it’s really thoughtful of me to help you people and make you feel better. (Just to make sure. That’s a joke. I’m not really that self-centered.)

Have a nice Thursday.