How I ripped my pants at a birthday party

True-or-False-Thursday #5

I used to play this game with my readers where I would tell an embarrassing story about myself and they would have to guess if it’s true of false! Let’s give that another shot. Read the story and let me know in the comments if you think it is true or false. I will tell you the answer in tomorrow’s post!

Here we go.

When I was about 11 years old, I was invited to a birthday party that was in fact a real party. It wasn’t one of those childish let’s-do-crafts-and-play-games kind of party, it was a real party. There was loud music, sweaty almost-teenagers, and lots and lots of sugar-filled drinks.

We were all dancing and having a good time when some kids decided to show everyone their breakdance skills. You could barely call it breakdancing, but we were easily impressed. That’s when I decided it was my turn. I could do this simple move. It looked something like this:


It worked out find in the beginning… But when I tried to get my legs up higher in the air so I could spread them in some awesome pose I heard this ripping sound. I don’t remember if anyone else noticed, but when I finally got up from the floor I had ripped my entire pants in half.

Well, maybe not in half, but you could most certainly see my underwear. I spend the rest of the evening walking around in my ripped pants.

So what do you think?

True or False?

Have a nice Thursday!


True-or-false-Thursday #4

Are you ready for another crazy story? Today’s going to be a good one. The rules of the game are simple: I’ll tell you a crazy or embarrassing story about my life and all you have to do is guess whether it’s true or false. I mean, some pretty weird things have happened to me in the past, so…

Let’s have some fun. (Just a reminder: Shopping for clothes is the thing I hate the most in this world!)

So this is the story.
I went shopping today!
The end.

What do you think? True or False?

Have a nice Thursday.

True-or-False-Thursday #3

Okay, I’ll admit my post yesterday kind of s* cked. I really want to write a post every weekday, but sometimes that means I end up with this weird and not funny story. I thought posting that video was an easy way out, but it wasn’t. I’m sorry.
So, today I’ve got something better. Another true or false story. Everybody loves to hear about other people’s embarrassing or crazy stories, so I’ve decided to turn it into a game. I tell you one of my own embarrassing or crazy stories and all you have to do is guess whether I’m telling the truth or not. It’s really that simple.

This week’s story is a good one.
The Netherlands is famous for a lot of things. Legal weed, the red light district, tulips, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, liquorish, feeding kids chocolate for breakfast, but most of all bicycles. We ride our bikes everywhere and tourists hate it, because cyclist in the Netherlands have their own traffic rules. To be honest, they only have one rule: You need to watch where you’re going, because I’m not going to. Yep, Dutch people on bikes are assh*les.
Riding our bikes is just the easiest way to get from point A to point B. It’s fun to do and keeps you in shape. We learn to ride our bikes at a pretty young age, like most people I guess. The sooner your kid learns how to ride their own bike, the easier it is for the parents to go places. I think I was six when I got my first bike without those little wheels on the sides.

My bike wasn't nearly as fancy. It wasn't pink either.

My bike wasn’t nearly as fancy. It wasn’t pink either.

It took my dad 10 minutes to teach me how to use it and that was it.
This is where the embarrassing story comes in. When I was like 10 years old I was riding my bike outside (not that I usually ride my bike inside) and everything was fine. No problem, I had been riding my bike for 4 years now. I was practically a pro. I got this.
I still to this day don’t know what happened exactly. I think I was just bored, but instead of getting off and doing something else I started daydreaming. Trust me when I tell you that daydreaming while riding a bike is not a smart thing to do. I crashed right into a fence and pretty much launched myself into the air. I’m such an idiot. The worst thing is I remember seeing myself riding towards the fence, but instead of doing something to stop I just kept going. I was a weird kid.

What do you think? True or False?

Have a nice Thursday.

True-or-false-Thursday #2

I thought it would be fun to do another true or false game. It’s pretty simple. I’ll tell an embarrassing story from my past and all you have to do is guess if the story is true or false. And just so you know, I have this magnet for embarrassing moments. Last week I told you about my embarrassing soccer experience… And that one was very much true.
Without any further ado. Here’s the story.

I ride the train to my university. So that’s a lot of train rides, but last week was a special one. I was minding my own business, just relaxing when this guy sat across from me. It wasn’t like there were no other seats, he chose to sit across from me. I didn’t mind, but after like 2 minutes he started talking to me… Yep, he really did.
He said he liked my glasses and smiled. I’m not used to strangers talking to me so I kind of panicked and when I panic I start rambling. I was able to get out the words thank you and prayed to God he would leave me alone, but no such luck. He asked me where I was going. It was a simple enough question, but my brain got stuck… I don’t know why I said it, but it just happened.
“I’m going to Leiden (the city where my university is) to visit my soon to be husband.”
What you don’t know is that I always wear this ring I got from my parents like 6 years ago. It kind of looks like an engagement ring, I guess. My brain just stopped working and those were the first words I could think of. I’m most certainly not engaged to anyone! I’m single as f*ck.
He obviously looked disappointed and probably thought I was letting him know he chose the wrong person to flirt with. I’m such an idiot. He actually congratulated me! Such a sweetheart. But after that came out of my mouth I just couldn’t stop.
“Well, we kinda have to get married. I’m pregnant and my father insists!”
Yep, I did. I actually said that. Those words came out of my mouth. He looked so uncomfortable. It was all so awkward. I knew that I had to get out of there. If he kept talking I knew I would keep making up these random lies. It was another 15 minutes until my stop. That would have been a lot of lies. I just kinda weirdly smiled at him. Told him I had to pee, because that’s what pregnant women do, right? I even pretended it was hard for me to get up. I’m such an idiot.

I’ll be single for the rest of my life!

What do you think? True or false?

Have a nice Thursday.

True-or-False-Thursday #1

Yesterday, I had this really great idea. I thought it would be fun to play a game! Everybody has these crazy awkward things that happened to them. Those wonderfully embarrassing moments that everybody loves! I thought I would turn my embarrassing moments into a game. The game is really simple. I’ll tell you one of my embarrassing moments and you have to guess if it really happened. True or False? It’s all up to you. It’s just a fun way for you the get to know me better. (I mean, the only thing I want to accomplish with this blog is to put a smile on your faces! If sharing my embarrassing moments with you guys is going to make that happen, then so be it.) Just so you know, crazy things happen to me on a daily basis.

Are you ready? Here’s the story.
I played soccer for eight years. My father has always been a huge soccer fan and so it was only natural that my siblings and I would grow up to love the game as well. My sister is really the biggest soccer fan in our family, but I like to watch a game once in a while. Okay, this has nothing to do with the embarrassing story.
When I started playing there weren’t that many other all girl soccer teams, so we would usually play against all boys teams. Nobody really cared. We just wanted to play soccer.
So we played this game against an all boys team and everything was fine. We all did our thing and we had fun. Then the thing happened! Somebody kicked the ball up in the air and me and another boy were both trying to get to the ball. I decided to wait ‘till the ball would come down, but the boy next to me had other plans. He thought it would be a good idea to do some kind of ninja kick to get the ball. The problem is, he didn’t get the ball. Not even close…
You can probably guess what happened next. His soccer cleats (I think that’s the right word) got a hold of my shorts. In one fell swoop, he pulled them down. There I was, with my pants on the ground in my beautiful underwear.
The thing is, that boy was more embarrassed than I was.

What do you guys think? True or False?

Have a nice Thursday.

PS. What did we learn from this story? Be awkward with confidence! Embrace your embarrassing moments.