You’ve got mail!

MailMonday #5


Dear pigeon,

Why did you have to poop on me? Did I do something wrong? Did your friends dare you to do it? Maybe you just felt like it, but did you really have to aim for my face? It took me at least 10 minutes to get your shit (pardon my French) of my glasses.

And the smell!

That Truly Awful Smell.

What did you eat? Just straight up garbage? Because that’s what it smelled like.

I was so proud that no bird had ever pooped on me before. 23 YEARS! That’s how long I survived. I just wanted to get to work. I just wanted it to be a fine day! Not perfect, but fine. You ruined it! You ruined a perfectly fine day!

How would you like it if I pooped on you, huh?

Next time, think before you shit!


Have a nice Monday!


If only they knew…

ShortSunday #11


‘Freedom is such a curious concept.’

The girl looked through the prison bars to see who had spoken the words. Outside stood one of the prison guards. He had a truly vile look on his face.

‘You believed yourself to be a free woman and used that freedom to break the law,’ he continued. ‘Now you are locked in here as my prisoner.’

He seemed to enjoy his power. If only he knew what was to come. If only he knew that by the end of the day, he would be the one sitting in this cell.

‘My freedom cannot be taken from me,’ she replied. ‘It is mine to give and I’m not a generous person. You will soon understand this lesson.’

The guard started laughing. It echoed through the walls of the dungeon. The other prisoners, who had long ago lost their minds, joined in.

If only they knew.

Have a nice Sunday!

Do Not Fear the Unknown

Speak-up-Saturday #1


Do not fear the unknown
Don’t stay silent
Because you are afraid
Of what may come

Do not fear the unknown
Use your voice
With everything you’ve got

Do not fear the unknown
Be brave
And speak your truth
Someone will listen

Have a nice Saturday!

Welcome to the Halfling world!

FictionFriday #25

First I told you about how I wrote my first book, then I promised I would write another post with the synopsis and gave you the prologue instead. I promised you once again that I would write the synopsis, but didn’t have time and told you I would write it today.

It took some time to get here, but better late than never! Here is the synopsis for the story I created!


My sixteen-year-old self even made a cover in Photoshop… (Even if you don’t speak Dutch you should be able to understand, right?)

Welcome to the Halfling world!

Zoë is awoken from an awful nightmare (which you can read in Wednesday’s post). It’s the day of her sixteenth birthday and from this moment on, her life will never be the same. She decides to visit her father’s grave to clear her head, but the unnerving feeling that something is about to happen just gets stronger. The next 24 hours will determine Zoë’s future and will turn her world upside down.

She decides to visit the forest from her nightmare and discovers that her mother has kept a secret about Zoë’s past that will change everything. Zoë gets sucked into the Halfling world where a tyrant king rules the land and where brave rebels await the arrival of the chosen one. Zoë discovers she is a Halfling, half man, half animal, and is destined to save the world from king Victorie.

She arrives in the rebel camp. The rebels were able to flee the city during a horrific battle where many lives were lost. It’s their life’s purpose to defeat the evil king. Zoë wants nothing more than to return to her old life, but after everything she’s learned about her past she knows she can never go back. The rebels train her for the battles to come, but can she trust them? A second dream leads Zoë to the castle where more secrets get revealed. Is king Victorie truly a tyrant, or are the rebels the true enemy? Zoë will soon find out.

That’s it! What do you think? Would that be a story you would want to read?

Sorry that it took my so long to write this synopsis.

Have a nice Friday!

An Awful Apology!

Thought-of-the-day-Thursday #15


Today, I had this thought…

If I just don’t mention the fact that I promised to write a certain post today, maybe no one will notice that I didn’t.

Think about that!

Truth is, I just forgot that I had plans for today and didn’t write the post beforehand. I know, I should have planned ahead. I’m actually writing this post at work right now. I’m really sorry. Here’s a poem to make up for it.

Made a promise I couldn’t keep
and writing this poem to make up for it
is really cheap!

Tomorrow will be another day
and for right now
That’s all I can say!

Have a nice Thursday!

How it all got started!

WordWednesday #19

Yesterday, I told you about the first book I wrote. I mainly told you about my writing process, so I promised I would write another post about the actual story, however there is a slight change of plans. For this post I translated the prologue that started it all into English (I wrote my book in Dutch), however it was longer than I thought. So I will write the synopsis in tomorrow’s post. For now, just enjoy the prologue!

Zoë is wandering the streets of her home town. Something is bothering her, but she can’t figure out what it is. She is not sure where she is going, but she knows she has to keep moving. She gets to the playground where she used to play as a kid. She broke her arm there once, trying to jump off the swing. She has always been a reckless kid. Getting in trouble was second nature to her. It’s when she passes the slide, when she realises she is all alone.

Strange, she thinks, usually the streets are full of people.

Her brain is telling her to go back home, but she keeps walking. She turns a corner and realises she’s lost. She’s never been to this part of town before. Still, she keeps walking. She is determined to keep going.

Zoë looks up to the sky. The clouds are so close. She can almost taste them on the tip of her tongue. One of the clouds is shaped like an eagle. It’s comforting. Whatever was bothering her seems to have disappeared.

In the distance a forest slowly appears. She’s no longer in her home town. The forest keeps coming closer and just near the edge, Zoë stops. One more step and she will be surrounded by the trees. She can see the path that leads into the depths of the forest. It’s calling her. She can feel a shiver running up her spine. She is certain she’s never been to this forest before, still it feels familiar. She may not remember the forest, but the forest remembers her.

She takes a deep breath and can smell the trees, the flowers, and the earth underneath her feet. The feeling of familiarity keeps getting stronger. She walks towards the path that leads into the forest. She wants to keep moving forward, but a few feet away a massive oak blocks the path. It seems like the oak is warning her. It was placed there to keep strangers out, but Zoë is not a stranger.

The memory comes rushing back. She has seen this oak before when she was just a little girl. Her father is holding her hand, while her mother is pointing at the tree. Her mother is warning her not to go into the forest. She’s telling Zoë that the tree was planted there to let intruders know they were not welcome. Both her parents warned her never to go anywhere near the forest.

But it’s calling her.

Zoë starts walking towards the oak. The moment she enters the forest, she feels she’s no longer alone. Part of her knows she should be worried, but her determination to keep going is much stronger. She places her hand on the oak and in an instant everything changes. She can feel a sharp pain in her hand and immediately lets go of the oak. Darkness is taking over. Zoë desperately looks for the light, but the sun has disappeared. Darkness has swallowed up the world. Slowly, the forest is coming alive. She can hear the birds in the trees, she can smell the rotting earth, and she can feel the darkness coming closer.

The eagle in the clouds that had accompanied Zoë on her journey had disappeared. The darkness was overpowering her and Zoë felt like she would never see the light again. Someone was coming for her and she would not be able to stop them. It’s too late to run. This is her destiny.

Someone is watching her. She anxiously looks for the eyes that are watching, but all she finds is emptiness. She starts to panic. Fear has taken control of her body. It’s getting more difficult to breathe. Her heart is beating too fast. The cold has surrounded her. Every breath she takes, a piece of her soul escapes her body. She can feel the cold air filling her lungs. All her senses are telling her to fight. She takes a deep breath. She can feel the cold air rushing through her body. She is ready to fight.

‘Show yourself, coward,’ Zoë yells into the nothingness.

There is no reply. She has control of her breathing again. She is calm. She is strong. She is ready for whatever will happen next.

In the distance the sun has returned. She runs towards the light. The last thing she sees are two silver eyes watching her and in the distance a voice is calling her name.

Have a nice Wednesday!

How I wrote my first book

How-to-Tuesday #11

I promised I would write a post about my writing process and I always keep my promises, so here goes nothing. Let me start this off by saying I’m not an published author, not even close. I’ve never had any classes in creative writing and 80% of the time I have no idea what I’m doing, but maybe my process can help someone else and that is all that matters.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I started writing stories when I was still really young. When I started High School I read more and more YA novels and knew that that was what I wanted to write too. When I was sixteen I started creating this story and I have probably spend the next 3 to 4 years building the world in which the story takes place and writing the first book. I wish I could share the writing with all of you, but I wrote the story in Dutch… I’m sorry!

So how did I get started?

Honestly, for me the beginning of every story kind of just happens. I spend a lot of my day just daydreaming and creating characters and scenarios. One day I was in the car with my family. We were driving home after visiting my grandmother. It was pretty late and I was staring out of the window. I was really tired and this poem/prologue just wrote itself. The next few days, I kept thinking about the prologue and the story just started to unfold. Before I knew it I was immersed into the world of Zoë (the main character). It was never my intention to actually write the entire story, but I kept going back to that particular world. I wanted to know how it would end. I knew I had to write everything down and that’s when the next step in my process started.

I started creating, what I like to call an event map. It’s a chronological word-cloud of all the main events that happen in the story. I’m basically creating a timeline for the story. It helps me connect one event to another. This process took the longest. Sometimes my brain things of two or even more possible events that could take place simultaneously and I have to write the storylines for all these possibilities before I decide which one is the best.

Most of this process consists of me lying down in bed and letting my brain create the different storylines. For me it’s like watching a movie that I can control. Maybe this sounds weird, but my brain has always worked like that. I write everything down and basically have this notebook filled with possible timelines for the story. Sometimes I would even draw stuff. Wait, I’ll take a picture of it!


Taking a look into this notebook is basically the same as taking a look into my brain. Once the event map is done the writing starts.

This was really a process of trial and error. My writing has changed a lot over the years and this story was written over a period of 3 years. I had to go back and rewrite certain chapters. Sometimes I would go back to the event map and create an entire new storyline.

I finished the book more than ten times and would keep going back and changing things. The file I have on my computer right now hasn’t been touched for more than 2 years. The truth is, I send the manuscript to different publishers but was rejected, then university happened and after that I forgot the manuscript even existed.

It is funny though, after I finished the first book, the story kept going. The timeline for the second book is already in my head and I have created most of the event map.

In February, I’ll be starting a new job and once I’ve had some time to adjust to the work I want to start writing the story again. I’ve thought about maybe translating the story into English. I want to try and see if my English is sufficient enough to write a novel.

I don’t know if anyone thinks this post is interesting, but here you go. This is my writing process.

Have a nice Tuesday!

Ps. I’ve decided to write a separate post about the actual story. This post was already getting really long and I didn’t want it to get boring. I will post that blogpost tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even translate the poem/prologue that started it all into English!