The Colours of Winter

SpecialSaturday #8


A white dust covers the earth
While the green grass slowly disappears

A grey cold has taken over
While red warmth hides inside

The yellow sun shines bright
While the blue sky mirrors the sea

Some fear this winter landscape
While I look forward to it, every year

Have a nice Saturday!


Dear USA,

ThoughtfulThursday #3

Dear USA,

The world is watching
The same news story
Of another school shooting
In the United States

We’ve seen the story
So many times before
And wonder
When will you change

Your children are dying
And still you do nothing
We cannot understand
How you keep making the same mistake

How many more have to die
For you to realise
That weapons are not equal
To the life of a child

Fighting violence with violence
And hate with hate
Is not the solution
But the problem

Please listen to your children
Who live in fear
Every time
They go to school

I’m watching
Yet again, the same news story
Of another school shooting
In the United States

I’ve seen the story
So many times before
And wonder
When will it end?

The Netherlands

Have a nice Thursday!


Be a Quitter!

Thinking-out-loud-Tuesday #5


It’s time for another stream of consciousness post. No editing, just writing my thoughts as they slip into my head.

Have you ever been really excited to start something new, only to realise it wasn’t what you expected? Maybe it was a new subject at university, a new relationship, a new job, or maybe something as simple as a new book. You look forward to it for so long and you can’t wait to get started. But then it just feels wrong. At first you try to convince yourself that maybe you haven’t given it enough time. You haven’t tried hard enough. You keep going, but it just keeps getting worse. You finally admit to yourself that this wasn’t what you wanted, but you still keep going. You can’t just quit. Quitting would somehow feel like failure. And nobody wants to feel like a failure.

I’ve recently had this experience. I started something new and was really excited about it, but after one day I knew something felt wrong. I tried to keep going, but nothing changed. I kept telling myself to stop whining and to stop feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t just going to quit.

But… Why is it such a bad thing to quit? I was feeling miserable, but was willing to keep going just because I didn’t want to be a quitter. I was willing to sacrifice my happiness for something I hated.

I eventually did come to my senses. I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt after I decided to stop. A weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong. We all have to do things we don’t like sometimes. But we also have to be honest to ourselves about what we want our lives to be like. Life should be about the pursuit of our own happiness, not about being miserable because we’re too stubborn to give up.

So I’m saying it out loud: It’s okay to quit!

Don’t let your life be destroyed by one bad decision. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

I mostly wrote this post for myself. I really needed to hear these words. But I hope this post can help someone else be brave too. Quitting isn’t about failure, it’s about being brave enough to follow your instincts!

Just listen!

Have a nice Tuesday!

Photo credit: airpix

We promised him

ShortSunday #12


‘I wish we could go back,’ her sister said while wiping the tears of her face. ‘Maybe we could’ve saved him.’

She couldn’t see her sister who was sitting in the tree next to hers, but she knew she was crying. Their father had never stood a chance against the soldiers, but nevertheless he had not given up. He fought valiantly as was his nature. She wished she could’ve helped him too, but his instructions were clear. They were to run as fast as they could, while he tried to buy them some more time. He was supposed to meet them here. But that was two days ago. Her younger sister had refused to leave. She still had hope.

‘Wishing for the past to change is futile,’ she finally said. ‘The past is stubborn and unmoving. Wishes for a better future, however, may yet come true.’

‘We should have stayed and fought,’ her sister said. ‘We left him to die!’

‘It’s time to go, Jane,’ she said firmly.

‘Just a little longer,’ Jane begged.

‘There’s no time,’ she said. ‘The soldiers are searching the woods. And we promised him.’

Have a nice Sunday!

Photo credit: Chris Wenger

The Writer is Almighty

MadnessMonday #4

I wrote you

Words on a piece of paper
Create worlds to be discovered
By readers who wonder
About what the next chapter will bring

Magic happens
When writer and inspiration meet
In an empty room
Where imagination is the limit

From nothingness
Everything is born
For the writer is almighty
It’s all just madness!

Have a nice Monday!

Photo credit: Tekke

Challenge Accepted

Well-Done-Wednesday #1


I did it! I wrote a post a day for the month of January. I’ve finished Bloguary. I wrote 31 posts. Some were better than others, but I didn’t give up. At times I wanted to, but I kept going. It feels strange, knowing I won’t have to worry about writing a post every day.

I started Bloguary to challenge myself, but more importantly I wanted to invest more time in my blog and it worked. When you put in the extra effort, you will immediately see the results. I encourage you to try this challenge!

However, this was just the beginning. There are more goals want to achieve. And I don’t want to go back to posting only once a month. Posting every day is a bit much, but I’ve realised that I work better when I have deadlines. That’s why I’ll be making a posting schedule for the month of February to keep challenging myself. I think I will focus on writing at least two, but preferably three posts a week. So you’ll be hearing from me soon. Probably not this week (I’m starting my new job tomorrow). But soon!

I just want to say: Job well done!

Have a nice Wednesday!

Looking for Guest Bloggers!

Try-this-Tuesday #2


When I started Bloguary I made a list of goals I want to achieve this year. One of those goals was to do a collaborative project with you. I wasn’t sure when would be the right time to start, but I might as well give it a shot.

So here’s what I had in mind:

When I started this blog, I wrote every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Every day had a different week theme and for a long time I kept writing five posts a week. Gradually, I stopped enjoying the writing process. I was forcing myself to write new posts to keep up with my schedule. It started to feel impossible and I started to get really stressed. Eventually, I decided to change things up. I would write when I felt inspired and started to enjoy my writing again. However, even though my schedule changed, the week themes stayed.

This is where all of you come in. Guest blogging is a big part of WordPress. Blogs invite other bloggers to write posts for their blogs. It’s a way to gain more followers and reach new audiences.

That’s why I want to invite you to become a Guest Blogger for Charlotte’s Corner. All you have to do is pick a week theme that you find interesting, write a post for that particular theme and send it my way. I will post it on Charlotte’s Corner and will share it with my readers.

(Of course I will link the posts to you blog and if you have Social Media, let me know so I can tag you when I share the posts on my own platforms. I use Facebook and Twitter! If you don’t have a blog, still feel free to join in on the fun!)

For example, you could write a post for the MoodyMondays, How-to-Tuesdays, True-or-False-Thursdays, or ShortSundays. To see all the week themes, just visit my blog and look for the menu on the right! Feel free to read the posts I’ve already written for all the themes, but you are also free to let your creativity run wild. You can even create a theme of your own if you want.

All you have to do is pick or create a weekday theme, write a funny, serious, intense, emotional, silly, or crazy post and send it to

Some rules:

  • All entries need to be in English
  • I don’t mind cursing, but keep it classy
  • I will not post any offensive or insulting content (I will proofread all posts before they are posted on my blog)
  • Feel free to use your voice, just make sure you use it for good and not for evil!

I don’t know if anyone is even interested in being a Guest Blogger for Chatlotte’s Corner. Maybe no one will reply. I’m just trying this to see if anyone would like to share their poetry, short stories, silly life experiences, or inspirational lessons with me and my readers. And if it doesn’t work out, I will give it another shot some other time. I don’t give up easily!

I’m looking forward to all your replies!

Oh, and before I forget. If you would like me to check your spelling and grammar, I would be more than happy to. Just let me know when you send me your entry. My English is far from perfect, but if you would like a second opinion, I promise I will do my best.

Have a nice Tuesday!